About Programs:

The International Mission Service Learning (I-Serve) & Student Mission Elective (SME) programs provide students with unique opportunity to be exposed to healthcare systems in a global, cross-cultural setting. They are designed to offer students a broad educational experience within their healthcare professions at one of our International Partner Sites.

As program participants, students may:

  • Observe or rotate with local physicians in a hospital setting
  • Participate in community outreach activities
  • Serve in local school programs
  • Contribute to the spiritual activities


  1. Develop a larger sense of cultural competency and global awareness
  2. Increase global healthcare and public health knowledge
  3. Broaden their Christian worldview
  4. Deepen their commitment to global service

Programs emphasize respect and understanding of all cultures, they are not meant to be seen as an opportunity to practice clinical skills and techniques abroad that students are not yet qualified to provide in the United States. SIMS encourages participants to focus on developing a high-level of community and global health awareness and to examine how healthcare systems are socially and culturally constructed.

To ensure timely processing of your proposal, please submit information to the SIMS Office six months in advance of your proposed departure dates. Thank you.