Does the thought of fundraising fill you with dread?  Do you get sweaty palms when you think of asking your friends and family for donations?  Have no fear!  Raising funds for SIMS is easy and rewarding.  Through partnership with PureCharity, SIMS trip participants can easily tap into a large pool of potential donors all from the comfort of their computers.  Your fundraising efforts will ensure that SIMS projects all over the world are a success!   

How does fundraising work?

Once you register for a trip, each team member can easily create a fundraiser for the trip that goes towards their trip costs and allows students to raise awareness about the SIMS projects they are supporting by creating a personal online fundraising page.  Students can personalize the web page in a variety of ways.  Once the fundraising page is created, students alert friends and family to the web page by sending out email blasts and social media notices.  As people donate, students can monitor the progress they have made toward their fundraising goals by checking their web pages regularly.

Are donations tax-deductible?

When donors give a financial gift to SIMS without restrictions on how it is used, the gift is tax-deductible for the donor.  However, when a donor gives a student a financial gift to support personal travel on a SIMS trip, the gift is not tax-deductible.  This is because the financial gift is being given to an individual (you) rather than SIMS, since all the money you raise for the trip is credited directly to your trip, reducing your overall trip cost.

Don't let this keep you from raising funds for your trip!  You'd be surprised how many donors are willing to support your participation on a mission trip regardless of whether or not they receive a tax-deductible receipt. 

Create your Personal Fundraising Strategy

To reach your fundraising goal, you'll need a solid plan.  Here's how to get started:

  1. Create a list and check it twice - Put together a list of email addresses for anyone and everyone you plan to approach.  Don't be shy.  You'll find that people will be honored that you've asked them to be a part of this special SIMS project.
  2. Create a fund raising schedule - Start fundraising early and give yourself deadlines.  Make sure you know when the date of the SIMS fundraising deadline.
  3. Make it personal - Personalize your web page as much as possible.  Let your passion and commitment to God, the SIMS program, and international service form the foundation of all your written communication.
  4. Please is good, but thank you is better - Thank all your donors promptly.
  5. Send reminders - Follow-up with people on your list that you haven't heard from.

Please note: SIMS trips are largely subsidized by a network of donors around the world that assist in making the student's trip costs more affordable. When creating your personal trip fundraising page it is important to define your fundraising goal to the same value as the actual trip cost, any amount of funds received above the actual cost of the trip will be designated towards a future mission service trip that you register for, or you may assign them to the general SIMS mission trip funds to assist in future international projects/trips.