About GHI

"Connecting people to improve health around the world."

In support of Loma Linda University Health's commitment to global outreach, the Global Health Institute (GHI) provides international service opportunities for staff, faculty and students. Volunteers serve at International Partner Sites and/or Global Campuses

In addition, we provide focus, coordination and logistical support for the many international initiatives arising from Loma Linda University schools and hospitals.

Since its founding over 100 years ago, Loma Linda University Health's mission has been to "make man whole," not only locally, but globally. This rich tradition of service has been carried out by thousands of employees, students and graduates who have served overseas.

About SIMS 

Founded on February 8, 1975, initially named Students for International Medical Service, it was created as a forum for senior medical students at Loma Linda University to share clinical experience they had in foreign settings.

Ten years later, in 1985, it was renamed Students for International Mission Service (SIMS) to align with the program's new scope — provide all Loma Linda University students with high-quality service-learning opportunities, that empower them to become caring, competent and socially responsible health professionals who value service as a lifelong process.

Participants work in underdeveloped areas around the globe in communities with limited or no access to healthcare and health education. International mission service opportunities are incorporated into academic curriculum in order to: 

  1. prepare health professions students for a career of effective global service

  2. promote the health of global communities