For over 100 years, Loma Linda University Health's employees, faculty, and students have served others through a global network of hospitals and clinics that are designated as LLUH strategic partner sites. The international residency program is a joint collaboration with the Graduate Medical Education office, Loma Linda University Medical Center residency programs, and the Global Health Institute.  

About Your Rotation Experience:

  • Experience another culture and health system
  • Teach others
  • Help patients in need
  • Gain knowledge of unique diseases and illnesses
  • Apply your unique skills and talents in a meaningful way

Rotation overview:

  1. Obtain department approval
  2. Select site
  3. Complete travel forms
  4. Book itinerary and apply for licensure/visas as necessary
  5. Pick-up GHI travel pack and supplies, as available, before departure
  6. Take pictures and notes throughout the experience.
  7. Return and complete online trip survey for GHI

Benefits of an approved trip:

  • Continued salary
  • Continued malpractice coverage while working in scope of practice
  • Assistance with country registration to practice
  • International SOS medical and security resource assistance
  • Short-term travel insurance
  • Visa and travel resource assistance
  • Medical supplies, as available