DMA Application Process

  • Students may apply after completing the first quarter of school. 
  • Each individual must complete two applications when applying for admission into the Deferred Mission Appointee program.
    • Application One
      Fill out and return to the GC Representative’s Office at Loma Linda University the two-page DMA application from this office.
    • Application Two
      Complete the official General Conference Personal Information form mandatory for all persons applying for mission service for the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  • In addition to the two applications, each DMA applicant must have an interview with three individuals:
    • The Dean of the School you are attending
      • Dr. Henry Lamberton, Dean of the School of Medicine, ext. 44630
      • Dr. Graham Stacey, Dean of the School of Dentistry, ext. 44790
      • Verdell Schaefer, Director, Student Financial Aid, ext. 44509
      • Dr. William McGhee, General Conference Representative, Loma Linda University, ext. 87608 
  • The applications will be considered at the quarterly Global Mission Appointment Committee Meeting.

Instructions for Completing the Personal Information Form Online:

  1. Go to— - Using Internet Explorer as your browser is the most reliable.
  2. Click—Employee (found at the top right corner)
  3. Click—Fill Out Application (just above log-in box on the left)
  4. Select Jocelyn Sonsona as the person who asked you to fill out the application
  5. Select Loma Linda University as the Institution that needs confidential access to your information.
  6. Complete the personal information (Please use Upper and Lower Case—NOT all capitals!)
  7. Click—Register or Submit
  8. When the next screen is displayed, make a note of the username that is assigned to you and the password you have chosen—this will be of use throughout your application procedure and if you become an interdivision employee.
  9. After Registering, follow the instructions to fill out the Personal Information Form
  10. Each time you open the website, login with your username and password in the yellow box on the left of the screen. If you have forgotten your username or password you may send an email to or requesting them to send them to you.
  11. Save the information frequently as it often can get lost in cyberspace.
  12. Please read the boxes that pop up because they may be an error warning and all the entered information will not be saved until the error is corrected.
  13. After you are done completing the form, please notify the office by sending an email to Jocelyn Sonsona at

Note: For husband and wife, please use the shaded part of the form for your spouse and make sure that you enter your spouse's name and save before you enter any information in the spouse section. Download Completing the PI Form for more detailed help.