About Mentors

As you continue with your program and prepare for international service, some of our returned DMA missionaries would like to serve as mentors. They want to share their own experiences with you, answer your questions and provide you with resources. Note that your mentor does not have to be in your specialty for them to help guide you.

Communication & Support

You may receive quarterly communication with your mentor via email, call or video conference.

Things you may want to share with your mentor:

  • Future plans and goals – living and working abroad, family, challenges
  • Important milestones – births, engagements, marriages, moves, birthdays
  • School of Medicine or residency program – status, progress, challenges
  • Prayer requests – share with your mentor or submit a prayer request to our GHI/GME members

As you build a relationship with your mentor they may be able to share developmental opportunities, articles, programs in the area, additional training opportunities, etc.  

Connect with a Mentor

To review mentor options or if you have questions about the DMA mentorship program, please email our office at gc@llu.edu