Global Outreach Administrative Committee (GOAC)


Institutional Site Priorities for Incoming and Outgoing Exchange:

  1. Affiliation or Collaborative Agreement sites
  2. Adventist Health International sites
  3. Other Seventh-day Adventist entities
  4. Approved organizations and projects with which LLUH has strategic interest to build long-term partnerships and capacity (not a limited one-time or “shot-gun” approach)
  5. Emergency situations (natural disasters)

International Professional Development Program

Requirements for Approval:

  1. Department and mentor are willing to accept mentee
  2. Observation is at the request of an institution – institution covers wages and other expenses while in the U.S., guarantees position upon return home
  3. Need for clinical upgrading that is not available in home country
  4. Training will be of benefit for home institution and country
  5. Appropriate educational goals and objectives that can be accommodated
  6. Observation only
  7. Meets eligibility requirements
    • Comes on appropriate visa
    • License and credentials
    • English proficiency
    • Health clearance

Other Considerations for Approval:

  1. Housing availability
  2. Department capacity – if department has had recent mentees in same area, try not to overwhelm the department
  3. Mentorship duration congruent with objectives, usually less than 2 months
  4. Outcome of background check, if required
  5. Adequate lead time – requests take 4-6 weeks to be processed through GOAC. The entire process from initial request to arrival in Loma Linda often takes 3-9 months.


  1. 2111 special fellowship
    • Provides hands-on clinical training for foreign physicians
    • Eligible for physicians from institutional priorities
    • 1 and 2 Limited to two special fellowships per year with prior authorization
  2. Post-docs and researchers currently at LLU on funded research projects, if requirements are met and with department approval


  1. Personal requests
  2. Limited English Proficiency (Verbal & Written)
  3. Significant anticipatable health care needs (i.e. pregnancy, physical limitations, etc.)  
  4. Already in the U.S. on a tourist visa
  5. International residents/students
  6. Considering/seeking U.S. License 
  7. Current visiting scholar from another institution
  8. Intention/plan to change program objectives while in the U.S. (i.e. J1 Research Scholar to J1 Alien Physician under ECFMG)
  9. Immigrating to the U.S.

SIMS and International Service Program

Individual – Requirements for Approval:

  1. International Travel Application
  2. International Travel Authorization form – for non-GHI initiated trips
  3. Other considerations
    • Sustainable development value
    • Risk – security, travel warning areas, etc.
    • Appropriate food/lodging/accommodations
    • Reasonable cost

Group – Requirements for Approval:

  1. Group Leader Checklist
  2. International Group Pre-Travel Proposal – for non-GHI initiated trips
  3. Group Participant Travel Application
  4. Group Participant Checklist
  5. International Travel Authorization form
  6. Other considerations
    • Sustainable development value
    • Risk – security, travel warning areas, etc.
    • Appropriate food/lodging/accommodations for group
    • Reasonable cost
    • Trips will be pre-approved, then each participant will be submitted for approval once they sign up and complete trip requirements

Benefits of Approval:

  1. Adventist Risk Management (ARM) short-term travel insurance with repatriation
  2. International emergency medical, travel, and security assistance
  3. Professional liability (professionals employed by a LLUH entity)
  4. Workers comp – if on salary time, work-related, and within the scope and course of employment. Workers comp is not available to those on paid leave.


  1. Locations based primarily on vacation or personal reasons.