Our Mission

To lead in the development and advancement of health care capacities around the world through Loma Linda University Health’s global outreach initiatives.

We Value


We facilitate mission-focused experiences to develop global citizens with cultural humility and an enduring commitment to service. Our outreach programs support:

  • Students
  • Faculty and employees
  • International professionals
  • Volunteers


We build multidisciplinary institutional and international collaborative relationships, which foster:

  • Synergy – an intentional, focused approach that builds cooperation, sustainability, and value
  • Reciprocity – whereby all partners mutually benefit
  • Teamwork – a collaborative effort by all parties working towards a common goal


We provide expertise and resources, including:

  • Initiatives to improve world health
  • Infrastructure support to align priorities and strategies, create policies, and mitigate risk
  • Connections with international partners
  • Identification of institutional or country needs and implementation of system solutions 
  • Consultation, training and education
  • Travel logistics
  • Equipment and supplies


We strive to learn and grow from thoughtful evaluation to assure meaningful outcomes.