"Medicalese" Glossary from the ECFMG with idioms used by doctors, nurses, and other medical staff in the United States.

By editors of Fodor's guidebooks, this site features updated guidebook entries and news. Useful links to other travel sites, including restaurant blogs, search engines and in-flight magazines.

You may want to have the US Post Office hold your mail while you are abroad. This website will tell you how.


One of the largest on-line travel communities! Entries organized and searchable by destination, interest, member or keyword.

Helps you organize your luggage by creating custom packing lists.

Find the best seat before you fly! Detailed seatmap graphics, color-coding to identify superior and substandard seats, and in-depth comments and seat advice.

A bulletin board where globe-trotting travelers post questions, answers, trip reports and all manner of advise geared to the International Traveler.

Use this site to check out the time differences.

TSA Regulations.

An alternative site to to find out more about Visa requirements.

A list of countries and territories with the plugs, voltages and frequencies they use for providing electrical power to small and major appliances.

Most entries list hotels, restaurants, and attractions, and the more comprehensive entries include information on culture, demographics and history.

Click on "trip planner," enter the city or country you want to visit, plug in your dates and up pops a historical database of the weather conditions during those dates in past years.