By djpotts - July 24, 2019

By Greg Shank, MD, surgeon, AHI/GHI volunteer

In May, I was able to bring over a MinXray system with a Naomi digital plate in three pieces of luggage that each weighed 70 pounds. I got through customs with the help of Dr. Sarah Appel. The x-ray system traveled with me on the eight-hour bus ride down to Kilo and then a two-hour truck ride into Bere, Chad, Africa. 

It took a week or two to have a table built with a flat surface to house the machine. We attached a rope to the wall with a pulley to it to make possible to take vertical for chest x-rays. It works very well. The picture is clear. It is plenty powerful enough for chest x-rays and the other types of x-rays as well. 

I consider this a success and it will be very valuable to the hospital.