Consortium of Adventist Medical Education Leaders (CAMEL)

The Seventh-day Adventist schools of dentistry, medicine, and pharmacy have joined together to create the Consortium of Adventist Medical Education Leaders (CAMEL). These institutions have a mission to create and maintain schools of the highest order to prepare Christian dentists, pharmacists, and physicians who maintain a living connection with God as they minister to His children and advance Christ’s kingdom around the world.  

Established in 2014



CAMEL facilitates collaboration to enhance:
  • Curriculum development
  • Faculty development
  • Student exchange
  • Consultation 
  • Research
  • Quality improvement
  • Cooperation and networking


COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Ellen G. White and modern medicine article
  • Adventist response to 1918 pandemic summary
  • Ask questions about Adventist views on vaccination: email Michael W. Campbell

CAMEL Meetings

2022 Annual Meeting (English and Spanish recordings)



2020 Annual Meeting (English recording)