GHI Research Mission Statement:

To support international research and researchers at Loma Linda University Health by:

  • facilitating linkages and collaboration among interested faculty and students
  • collaborating with Research Affairs to develop resources and streamline processes for international research
  • identifying and prioritizing research projects
  • connecting with contacts and opportunities at existing LLUH international partner sites

2017+ Research Priorities:

  • Develop list of people on campus who are interested in international research and inventory the international-related research currently being done on campus.
  • Conduct a needs assessment (via survey, group discussions, focus groups, etc)—What are the needs of those doing international research and how can we (GHI) help meet those needs? Categorize the feedback and help GHI formulate actionable responses to meet needs.
  • Work with Research Affairs to develop resources for international research, including tip sheet, export control guidelines, and IRB application.
  • Search sources for international research and funding opportunities.
  • Develop catalogue of research ideas, ongoing research, opportunities, and contacts at LLUH international service sites.
  • Develop an introduction/orientation to encourage research/publication—for outbound students, residents, faculty etc.
  • Establish an iGRASP award for international research.
  • Organize a GHI Research Committee.
  • Provide info/discussion sessions.